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About Us

Dr. Angell has been practicing chiropractic since 2002, assisting people in achieving better health without the use of drugs or surgery.

Living a Fuller Life

We are here to empower patients to higher levels of health and well-being through education and role modeling. Dr. Angell will help you in modifying your lifestyle, coaching you the entire way. You will be empowered to take initiative in making better choices that continually improve your life.

Family Wellness Care

Dr. Angell offers chiropractic care for all ages and conditions. This includes a specialization in caring for babies, pregnant women and athletes. Her passion and attention to detail will find the cause of your problem. The energy she brings to solving your health concerns is inspiring. Each of our patients receives an individually crafted treatment plan based on their needs and goals.

A Posture Expert

Dr. Angell is a certified posture expert professional. Posture is a crucial component of our spinal health. Our posture correction program offers you a solution to improving your posture. We will take a computerized posture screening to show you where corrections can be made. A total of 16 core posture exercises will be given to you, one per week. When you’ve mastered these at the end of your treatment plan, we will take another computerized scan to show you the progress you have made.

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