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Birth Doula Mentorship For Chiropractors

Dr. AngellA Chiropractor and a Birth Doula, two incredible callings that fuel your heart and soul. Whether you are seasoned or starting out, this mix of passions will be met with joy, fulfillment, and gratitude. At times it can also be met with stress, loneliness, secondary trauma, and despair. This Birth Doula mentorship program is designed exclusively for Chiropractors, as we have so much more we can bring to our birthing clients. Bringing together a group of Chiropractors that share these unique passions opens a world of collaboration and companionship for support, ideas, education, processing, and love. Weaving in the triumphs and struggles of juggling practice life, on-call schedules, and family–we come together to learn from one another and share how we handle everything and thrive!

About your Mentor

Dr. Jennifer Angell has been a practicing pediatric & prenatal Chiropractor for seventeen years, a certified Birth Doula for sixteen years, a Bradley Method childbirth educator for eleven years, a lactation educator counselor for ten years, and a Licensed Home Birth Midwife for one year. She brings vast experience in attending over 500 births in her professional career, while owning and operating a private chiropractic practice and raising her two amazing girls. Her passion comes through in her service to birthing clients and her wish to bring this knowledge to those who are yearning for this community of like-minded practitioners.

Four Month Mentorship Program Includes

  • Once monthly private session with your mentor through Zoom
  • Once monthly group training session through Zoom on topics you choose
  • Once monthly Doula Circle – birth story sharing, collaboration, support session
  • Exclusive lifetime access to our private group membership Facebook page
  • On-call support during births | Post-birth debrief sessions with your mentor
  • Letters of recommendation and completion of program certificate

Program Fee

4 Monthly Payments of $500 or 8 Monthly Payments of $250
Space Limited! Contact us today to apply


Birth Doula MentorshipNewport Beach CA | (949) 333-1550