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Birth Doula in Newport Beach

Advanced Doula/Monitrice Services

Have you chosen to give birth in a hospital but still want the intimate, loving care that a midwife will provide you with? Dr. Angell offers advanced doula/monitrice midwifery services for families in our community.

Your Prenatal, Labor and Postpartum Support

Dr. Angell provides full midwifery prenatal care as a complement to your obstetrical visits. She will come to your home to help craft your birth plan and discuss your options for your pregnancy, labor and delivery. Dr. Angell can also provide medical services such as performing vaginal exams or listening to the fetal heart tones during your labor, if you choose.

When you begin your labor, you will be in close contact with Dr. Angell, and she will join you when you are in an active labor pattern. She will go with you to the hospital and provide continuous support as your birth doula until your new baby is safely nestled into your arms, then leave you after a few hours to enjoy your newest family member.

Within a week of your baby’s birth, Dr. Angell will come to your home to discuss the birthing process and ensure that your needs are being met.

A DONA-Certified Birth Doula

There is no greater privilege than being a part of the intimate, transformative birthing process and sharing that with families. Dr. Angell is elated to share the experience of birth within her capacity as a certified birth doula. She is further certified as an instructor in The Bradley Method®, the most comprehensive and world-renowned natural childbirth education class. Helping mothers bring their children into this world is Dr. Angell’s passion.

Giving You Confidence

Dr. Angell has had two empowering, gentle, and magical water birth experiences with home birth midwives for the birth of her two daughters. Knowing that Dr. Angell has been there and experiences true autonomous physiological birth experiences should provide comfort that she, too, has been there. She not only has the education and experience to support mothers through the natural birth process, but she also has the empathy to know exactly what the mother is going through. The majority of her birthing clients are able to give birth without the need for any medical intervention. Dr. Angell’s peaceful energy provides the calm, loving presence to make your baby’s birth an incredible experience. We support whatever type of birth you choose to have and are here to help you through the entire process until your new baby is in your arms.

Breastfeeding Advocacy

Dr. Angell is a passionate advocate for breastfeeding. She is available to help you start the breastfeeding journey immediately after birth. Dr. Angell also gives lactation education classes and attends La Leche League meetings regularly. She has a supportive group open to all who are interested in intuitive parenting that involves breastfeeding, babywearing and attachment parenting.

Forming a Connection

We will help you create a birth plan that is perfect for you! As your birthing coach, Dr. Angell wants to let you know that you have options and help you to decide what works best for your birth plan. When you call to find out more about doula services you will have an opportunity to ask Dr. Angell any questions you might have.

The first meeting is complimentary, and gives you a chance to ask more questions and see if it would be a good fit to hire Dr. Angell as part of your birth team. Dr. Angell’s doula package is a flat fee and includes having contact with her 24 hours a day, seven days a week via phone, email or text. You can contact Dr. Angell through our online form here, or give us a call!

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