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Newport Beach Chiropractor Offers Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy and birth are two of the most beautiful experiences we will have in life. Newport Beach chiropractor, Dr. Jennifer Angell specializes in the care of expectant mothers and children and is ready to provide you with:

Dr. Angell knows that you need support during this time in your life. She is a passionate childbirth advocate and has attended over 250 births as a doula (labor coach), a midwife assistant, and as a student midwife. Dr. Angell has experienced a beautiful natural home birth and successfully breastfed her daughter for sixteen months.

Supporting Labor and Delivery

When Dr. Angell supports you as a birthing coach, she will discuss your options, so you are well equipped to choose the best birth plan for you and your baby. Dr. Angell supports families with however their birth is planned, and companions families through their entire birth journey. She joins you when your active labor begins, seeing you through the birthing process. Dr. Angell enjoys getting to know the families she helps and wants to continue being a part of your life long after your successful birth.

Childbirth and Breastfeeding

Our bodies are trained for natural childbirth. The labor and delivery process may feel anxiety-inducing, and Dr. Angell felt the same way prior to taking The Bradley Method® course. She understands your needs and is ready to prepare you through the courses she has taught for several years. You will feel excited and empowered for your birth. The breastfeeding classes we offer will ensure your baby reaps the many benefits there are for breastfed children. We welcome the opportunity to help you and your baby live your healthiest life. Call today!

Dr. Jennifer Angell | (949) 333-1550
Your Newport Beach Chiropractor for expectant mothers and children!