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The Bradley Method® in Newport Beach

Natural Childbirth Classes

Our bodies were designed to give birth naturally.

Dr. Robert Bradley was a practicing obstetrician for 46 years and caught over 23,000 babies with a 96% non-medicated, vaginal birth rate during that time. He designed The Bradley Method® natural childbirth classes, which boast a 86% drug-free vaginal birth rate worldwide. Bringing your baby into the world without the use of drugs will give you the safest, healthiest delivery.

The Numerous Benefits of Natural Birth

You will feel excited and confident moving forward with your baby’s birth. The Bradley Method® will give you the confidence to enjoy the experience. The benefits of natural childbirth include:

  • Babies transition into the world better
  • Better breastfeeding outcomes
  • Establishing good bonding between mom and baby
  • Faster recovery for the mother
  • Less injury
  • Less need for medical intervention

Your Health Expert

Dr. Angell is an expert in The Bradley Method®. She used the method for the birth of her daughter and experienced a beautiful and natural home water birth with a midwife. Her passion for the classes led her to become certified as an instructor for The Bradley Method®. Dr. Angell’s background as a chiropractor provides her with the foundation of health knowledge needed to lead mothers to their own natural births. She has taught over 25 full class series to over 150 couples and has been doing so for nearly a decade.

Have a Happy, Exciting Birth

The key to a successful birth as taught in The Bradley Method® is relaxation and normal abdominal breathing. You will learn over 100 different comfort measures to help your drug-free labor and delivery. We encourage mothers to start taking classes early in their pregnancy. Starting early means you gain knowledge on how to have a healthy and more comfortable pregnancy up until your natural birth.

A Learning Experience

The Bradley Method® class runs for 12 weeks and will cover a different subject during each weekly meeting.

Class 1: Introduction to The Bradley Method®
Class 2: Nutrition in Pregnancy
Class 3: Pregnancy
Class 4: The Coach’s Role
Class 5: Introduction to First Stage Labor
Class 6: Introduction to Second Stage Labor
Class 7: Planning Your Birth
Class 8: Variations and Complications/Postpartum Preparation
Class 9: Advanced First Stage Techniques
Class 10: Advanced Second Stage Techniques
Class 11: Being a Great Coach/Are You Ready?
Class 12: Preparing for Your New Family

Getting Started

Signing up for The Bradley Method® natural childbirth classes is as easy as registering on the website or calling us for any further information and to answer any questions you may have. You can register and submit your payment of $400 directly from this web page! Classes will meet once per week for 12 weeks. See when our next course starts.

Are you ready to feel excited about a successful labor and delivery? Call our office today!

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