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Reviews for Angell Chiropractic & Wellness Center

What Patients Have to Say…

Much Happier Baby & Mommy

Chiropractic sessions have helped Annabelle (2 mos.) tremendously. She has calmed down, sleep has improved, feeding has improved and, on the whole, she is a much happier baby and mommy is a much happier mommy, too! – Sandy B.

Outstanding Doctor

Dr. Angell is an outstanding doctor, who has improved my posture and health in just a few sessions. Remarkably my sinuses are also clear and I can also breathe freely after I have been adjusted by Dr. Angell. I would highly recommend Dr. Angell’s services. – Troy N.

It Feels Wonderful!

Every time that I get adjusted it feels wonderful. I am currently a high school student with a busy schedule and lots of stress and when I come to get adjusted it’s like all of the stress and tension just disappears. Usually my tension is in my neck and shoulders and so by getting adjusted, all of it is relieved. All I have to say is that Dr. Angell is absolutely amazing!-Jessica P.

Very Gentle

I am 8 years old. When Dr. Angell adjusts me, I feel like I am in great condition! She is very gentle with me. I love it when she adjusts me in my neck and my back because that is where it’s really stiff. She is the very best chiropractic doctor in the whole, wide world and that is why I go to her. She is really an awesome chiropractor! – CeCe P.


I am 14 years old and have scoliosis, which is curvature of the spine. I have a double curve – one in my upper back and the other one in my mid-back. I had gone to many other doctors before coming to Dr. Angell and none of them gave me much hope. When I came to Dr. Angell, I have improved tremendously and have gained two inches from getting my spine straightened. Along with chiropractic service and exercise, my spine has started to straighten and I have been pain free. Chiropractic has certainly changed my life! Dr. Angell is amazing! – Brianna P.

Dr. Angell has been great from the start

I first met her at a baby fair at Babies R Us. My husband and I were just there to update our baby registry, not expecting to be won over. Dr. Angell was very sweet and genuine. She was never trying to sell us anything, only to inform us of the wonderful benefits of chiropractic. I began treatments well into my second trimester of pregnancy. It was marvelous! My once horrible neck and back pains soon became obsolete. I began to sleep better and more comfortably. Dr Angell is absolutely wonderful with my now 8 week old son! He seems to be less colicky and his formula intake seems more on track. I feel chiropractic to be absolutely 100% safe for mommy and baby! My son and I look forward to each adjustment because it makes us feel so good! – Linda M.

Painful Reflux Episodes

My newborn started having painful reflux episodes at around 2 weeks old. He wasn’t eating or sleeping well and would wake up screaming in the middle of the night. After we started seeing Dr Angell, his reflux improved dramatically and his eating and sleeping has gotten much better as well! I am so thankful to have found her. He is a completely different baby now! – Sarah G.

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