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Meet Dr. Jennifer Angell, D.C., F.I.C.P.A

Prioritizing Health and Wellness

Newport Beach chiropractor Dr. Jennifer AngellDr. Angell’s mother passed away from a heart attack when she was just four years old. Her five children and husband were left without a mother and wife, and it drew Dr. Angell into the world of health care.

Their family had regular heart tests, and Dr. Angell remembers feeling like she was a ticking time bomb due to the heart disease and diabetes that run in her family. “I realized I didn’t have to be a slave to my own genes and could modify my risk factors.”

She began running and decided to attend college to become a medical researcher and find new ways to avoid heart disease.

Changing Paths

Dr. Angell was on track to graduate with a degree in chemistry when her best friend was hurt at work and went to see a chiropractor. Dr. Angell wasn’t sure what a chiropractor did and, curiously, went with her friend to the appointment. “Growing up in the medical model, I had no idea what chiropractic was.” She saw her friend get better instantly after an adjustment and was intrigued enough to shadow different chiropractors. Dr. Angell talked to her college advisor and was accepted and enrolled in chiropractic college before she even had a chance to receive her first adjustment.

Helping Children and Mothers

Having been born and raised in Minnesota, Dr. Angell attended Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis. She had been around children her whole life, thanks to her large family and a stepmother who ran a daycare. In chiropractic college, Dr. Angell’s favorite courses were in obstetrics and pediatrics. She became a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and was certified for prenatal and pregnancy chiropractic care immediately after graduation.

Developing a Passion

The strong interest Dr. Angell had in caring for children and expectant mothers made becoming a certified birth doula a natural choice. She has been attending labors and births since 2003 and has helped over 250 babies into the world. Dr. Angell has also taught Bradley Method® courses since 2007 and is now completing her education in midwifery.

Living an Active Lifestyle

Dr. Angell is an avid triathlete. Every single day, she’s either running, biking, swimming or doing CrossFit. Fitness is her lifestyle. From her first marathon at age 19, Dr. Angell knew she would work out and be active every day. She lives an organic, whole foods lifestyle and avoids chemicals and processed foods.

Dr. Angell is passionate about golf. “When I gave up trying to master golf, I could just have fun with it!” She and her young daughter, Skylar, are often out on the course together. Dr. Angell also enjoys reading and watching movies. Spending time with her large family is Dr. Angell’s biggest priority.

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