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Meet Dr. Melissa Mitchell

A Chiropractic Journey Begins

Doctor Melissa Mitchell's profile photoAmong the notable influences in Dr. Melissa Mitchell’s life, few have rivaled the impact left by Chiropractic, both philosophically and in the practice. Her path to Chiropractic stemmed from a series of injuries sustained over the course of her softball career while playing for various clubs, in high school, and at the collegiate level. As with most competitive athletes, pain management is an accepted reality, and one that Dr. Mitchell learned to cope with through a combination of over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs and prescription pain medications. Now a blessing in disguise, the true reality of her condition reached a peak as she found herself debilitated, unable to stand and unable to perform simple daily tasks she once took for granted. It was at this point that Dr. Mitchell truly understood the inadequacies of pain management without addressing the root of the problem. Soon thereafter Dr. Mitchell experienced her first Chiropractic adjustment.

New Purpose, New Path

Healing is a process, one that takes patience and dedication to fully embrace. The following months under Chiropractic care proved to be a revelation. Her back pain subsided and mobility increased such that pain management drugs were unnecessary. Forever changed by this experience, her true purpose was born. In route to becoming a chiropractor, she was certified in massage therapy and trained in Active Release Technique. Dr. Mitchell attended Los Angeles College of Chiropractic where she completed her studies while earning the Dr. Herbert Magee, Jr. Technique Award for excellence in the performance of chiropractic technique.

Holistic Healing Methods

Dr. Mitchell believes in her calling, cares deeply about her patients, and lives her life by the same holistic principles embodied in chiropractic care. As D.D. Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic proclaimed, “There is a vast difference between treating effects and adjusting the cause.” To treat her patients, Dr. Mitchell relies upon numerous techniques, including the chiropractic adjustment, nutritional programs, nutraceutical supplementation, myofascial trigger point therapy, specialized myofascial techniques and therapeutic exercise to target the root of dysfunction. She also incorporates the functional medicine model and diagnostic lab testing for complex cases requiring more precise data and treatment protocols. She is certified in the Webster technique that assists in the development of the fetus and maximizes growth potential by supporting and aligning the mother’s pelvis and spinal column while she undergoes dynamic changes in her body during her pregnancy. She has taken courses with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and specializes in pediatric growth and development. Dr. Mitchell emphasizes patient education and realizes that it is crucial in order for her patients to get well and stay well by being proactive and not reactive when it comes to their own health and wellness.

Above all, care must be offered with an attention to detail, an ability to listen, a mastery of technique, compassion towards those under care, and a love of the craft.

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