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With Joyful Hearts, We Share Our Birth Story

It was Wednesday, May 11th and I had picked Skylar (my 8 year old) up from school at 1:30pm.  When we got home, I was tired and was considering laying down for a nap, but I also wanted to get in a swim.  I asked Skylar if she wanted to go down to the pool with me and she said yes.  I swam laps for an hour while Skylar played around.  It was around 4pm when we returned to the apartment and  I drew myself a bath.  I soaked for a long time in the bath, relaxing and taking it easy.  After I got out of the bath, I started feeling a little “crampy”.  I went about my usual routine, made dinner, did the dishes, got Skylar off to bed, and prepared to relax with Rod for the evening.  I noticed some slight pink discharge when using the bathroom, but otherwise didn’t think anything of it.  I went to bed around 10pm.

I awoke at 4am on Thursday, May 12th to my first contraction.  I knew this was different than the hundreds of Braxton Hicks contractions I had previously been having.  It was very low in my pelvis, and I could feel achiness in my low back in addition to the tightening in my uterus.  The Braxton Hicks contractions never had any discomfort.  I awoke every 15-30 minutes thereafter with these cramping/contraction waves, but was able stay lying down through them.  I breathed and relaxed, unsure if this was anything, telling myself to “not pay attention too soon.”  I slept in between the waves for the next three hours and finally got up at 7am.  Rod had already gotten up and left for his early morning bike ride, and I didn’t let on that anything was happening.  I took a shower, did my hair and make-up, got Skylar up to get dressed for school and made breakfast.  All the while, the cramp like contractions continued along with a lot of bloody show.  Every time I used the bathroom there was more bright red blood and some small clots that easily wiped away.  The cramp-like contractions were getting more noticeable and I slowed my breathing through them.  Again, I wasn’t sure if this was really labor or if it would just peter out.  I decided to message Lindsey my midwife just to give her a heads up.  “Baby may be coming today.  Cramping, bleeding…Not timing anything, its early and random and could be nothing.  Will keep you posted.”  Lindsey responded that she had a Mama who was having contractions 3 minutes apart and for the babies to take their turns.  I said I would take it super easy.  She told me to keep her posted.  Rod came home and asked how I was doing and I said, “I don’t know.  I’m having cramps, something may be happening.”  I said I wasn’t sure if I could take Skylar to school.  Rod looked at my funny and said, “You can do your hair and make-up but you can’t take Skylar to school?”  I was a little annoyed at this, and responded that standing at the mirror in the bathroom was a little different than driving a car.  The minutes were ticking away.  Rod was in the shower and if he took Skylar to school then not only would she be late but he would be late for work, too.  I had to make a decision.  Finally I decided I would just take her to school.  The waves were so far apart, I figured I had plenty of time to get her there and get home.

Just as I was exiting the ramp onto the 55 Freeway, I had my first contraction in the car.  Again, slowing my breathing, relaxing as much as I could, I let the wave build and then recede, never letting on to Skylar that anything was happening.  I actually thought it was a little humorous that I was driving in early labor.  I continued driving, watching the clock.  Ten minutes went by.  See, I thought to myself…..this is nothing.  Probably not even labor.  Just as I arrived at the school I had another wave, as strong as the last one.  I dropped Skylar off, again without letting on that it might be time for the baby.  If this WAS really labor, there were a few last minute baby items I had wanted to get.  That was the next debate in my head.  Should I chance it and go to Target or should I just get home?  I thought back to how many times I would go shopping with a doula client in early labor.  Granted she wasn’t alone like I was, but I justified it that I would be fine.  I messaged Rod about the contractions in the car, assuring him I was handling it just fine, and that I was going to Target.  I told him if it really was early labor, it was best for me to just ignore it.

The waves were coming about every 15 minutes.  At Target, I simply slowed my walking and concentrated on my breath as they built up and went away.  I got the baby changing pad, the wipe warmer, a diaper pail, and then went to the clothes.  Boy or Girl?  Who knew?  I bought a 3-pack set of pink pajamas and one of blue.  Then I bought one cute newborn girl outfit and one cute newborn boy outfit, knowing full well I would be bringing one gender back.  I checked out, made my way to the car, and even put gas in my car on the way home, still having contractions that got no closer together than every 10 – 15 minutes.  They weren’t getting closer and they weren’t going away.  Was this really labor?  It was starting to befuddle me.  I finally arrived home around 10am.  Lindsey checked in and said she had just joined the other Mama in labor and she wanted to know how I was doing.  I messaged back that the waves were about 10 minutes apart, moderate intensity.  I said it still could be nothing.  I told her the baby was snug and for her to have a great birth!

I started to putsy around the house, setting up the changing station and tidying things up.  The contractions seemed to be getting closer together while I was up and about and I was so relieved!  I had a particularly tough one while sitting on the toilet.  I did my best to sink into it, relax, let it wash over me.  I welcomed the power of the contraction, inviting it in, knowing this is what I needed to birth my baby.  The wave built up stronger and stronger.  I counted my breaths.  I did the “finger drop” technique my sister told me she had done.  I told myself it was temporary.  I channeled my sister in law who said, “focus on the breaks.”  I felt alone.  I needed Rod to come home.  Afterward I texted him and asked him to come home for lunch and to bring me a salad.  At 11:20am he replied that he would bring me a salad.  “Hang in there beautiful,” he wrote.  I told him I was trying to.

I laid down to rest.  The waves spaced out again.  Rod came home with my salad at 1:00 and found me resting in bed.  The waves had spaced out again.  They slowed if I sat or laid down.  I was again disappointed and confused.  Was this labor?  What was going on?  The birthing waves were so strong!  I had to concentrate, sway, breathe, and focus to get through them.  When was active labor going to kick in?  I had only two contractions while Rod was home on lunch.  It didn’t make any sense for him to stay home, so he went back to work.  It was nice to see him, even though it was short.

At 1:45 Lindsey messaged to let me know that her other client had her baby!  I was hoping this was just the news to get me “out of my head” and into my “primal brain” and just let labor happen.  I had not given the other birth another thought, but you never know.  I let Lindsey know the waves were about every 15 minutes again, and that it still seemed early.  She suggested going for a walk, to which I replied, “That would make things happen!”  I said I didn’t want to.  I don’t know why I said that.  I told her I was having more blood and clots and that the waves were strong.  I also said I wanted to lay low until Rod got home from work.  I admitted I was procrastinating because the waves didn’t feel good!  Lindsey said to go for a walk to speed things up so I wouldn’t be up all night.  That sounded like a rather practical idea, too.

I went for a walk on my own around 3pm.  I went out the gate of our apartment community and onto the trail around the back bay.  It was a beautiful day, and I was able to take a brisk walk, much like all the walking I had been doing my whole pregnancy.  I walked for 30 minutes and I had two contractions.  Needless to say, I was again disappointed that the walking still didn’t cause things to pick up.  Lindsey checked in to see how the walk had affected the labor.  I responded with, “Did a 30 minute walk and it didn’t do anything.  Sigh.  About 10 min apart.  Doing squats.  Maybe today isn’t the day.  This morning I was almost crying some were so strong.”  She replied that she bet my labor would kick in that night.  She told me to take another nap.  Another great idea, which I complied with.  I laid down from 4-5pm and the waves again took a break.

Rod came home from work and we set out for another walk at 6pm.  Just barely out the front door and we had to stop for a contraction.  I wrapped my arms around Rod and laid my head on his shoulder through the wave.  I was encouraged!  I thought it was a great sign.  We walked for only ten minutes when I got a text from my friend Kimber that she had just arrived at our house with Skylar.  We turned around and went back.  We arrived home without another contraction.  Again, what was going on?  My labor wasn’t speeding up the “28%” that Dr. Bradley always preached!  I know every labor is different, but this one was really perplexing me!

Lindsey checked in again at 6:30pm, to which I updated that it still seemed “early” so I was still trying not to pay attention.  I said it was perplexing but that I was taking it in stride.  She suggested I do the knee chest position before bed and that she bet the baby would make an appearance that night.  I told her I would do so and that I hoped to see her soon, and for her to get her sleep.  I tucked Skylar into bed and then Rod and I had a late dinner.  We settled in together to relax for a few hours before turning in for the night.  The contractions remained very strong, where I had to get out of a reclining position and on hands and knees or upright.  I continued to use all of my relaxation and breathing techniques, swaying my hips, welcoming the power of the waves, and being thankful that something was happening!  I was one day short of 39 weeks pregnant, which was a big surprise!  I had gone 6 days past with Skylar, so being in labor early was a wonderful gift.

At 8:30pm Lindsey messaged that she was still up and just wanted to check in on the labor.  I replied that the waves were every 15 minutes and super strong.  She reminded me to do knee chest for 45 minutes and said I was probably 6 cm.  I told her I loved her positivity and I hoped to see her soon.  Rod and I were watching some recorded shows on TV, and I positioned myself so I could try to watch while in the knee chest position.  Oh, how I hated doing knee chest!!!  Rod brought me a pillow for my knees, and I watched my timer, wanting the time to go by faster.  I had a couple birth waves while in the knee chest position, which of course wasn’t fun.  I knew if baby’s position was a contributing factor to the odd labor pattern, then this would help.  I felt it certainly wouldn’t hurt!  Afterward I did two inversions, and then waited to see if the labor would change.  It didn’t.  The contractions were still 15-20 minutes apart.  At 10pm I was getting tired.  I took a long bath, relaxing, resting, talking to my baby and my body, trusting that everything was going just as it should.  I wanted to check my cervix, just to assure myself that things were changing.  I was so happy to feel myself opening, feeling a beautiful ring of cervix that I could sweep my two fingers back and forth within, sliding my fingertips along the smooth bag of waters.  I figured I was 4-5 centimeters dilated.  I knew all of the bloody show indicated I had been dilating!

I shared the encouraging news with Rod and went to bed at 10:45pm.  For the next hour, I tried to sleep in between the contractions.  They were strong, and finally coming closer together.  Our bed is rather high off the ground, and it was so much effort to get up and out of bed to handle the strong waves, then climb back into bed to lay down in between.  I just couldn’t lay down through them anymore.  I leaned over the edge of the bed, practicing my breathing and relaxation, counting, counting, counting.  Waiting for the rest breaks.  I was thankful that I was in labor, and was hoping this was finally the beginning of active labor kicking in.  I went out to the living room where Rod was watching TV (he’s a night owl).  I told him I couldn’t handle laying in bed and that I was going to try to sleep on the couch.  Because the waves had picked up, I had Rod inflate the birthing pool.  I continued to work through the contractions, either on hands and knees or leaning over the coffee table.  I would then lie down on the couch in between the contractions.  Rod finished inflating the pool, but it seemed to have a faulty valve.  It wasn’t holding tight, and we were hoping it would be okay.  I had Rod bring up the peanut ball and birthing ball from the garage.  I then told him to go to bed and get his sleep, as I figured we would be up soon to call the midwives.

Rod went to bed at 1am and I settled down on the couch with the peanut ball between my knees, opening up my pelvis.  I had coached so many women through contractions while they could rest and lie on their side, why couldn’t I?  I tried it through one contraction and it really tested my resilience.  I knew I couldn’t go through them laying down.  I used the peanut ball in between a few contractions, but eventually tossed it aside, as it was so cumbersome to put in place, move it to the side, and get upright before the contractions took hold.  From 1-2am the contractions spaced out again to every 10 – 12 minutes.  Then between 2 and 4am a few were 8-10 minutes apart, and then between 4 and 6am they spaced out again to every 15-20 minutes.  It was an exhausting night, getting up for each wave, snoozing in between, trips to the bathroom, staying hydrated.  At one point I noticed the birthing pool had deflated and was laying in a sad heap on the floor.  I was working through the contractions in the living room, which was dimly lit from the outside lights peaking in through the blinds.  I was using all of my techniques through the strong and powerful contractions.  Although they were very far apart, they required amazing focus and concentration.  I was watching the clock, minute after minute, hour after hour.  Seeing each hour during the night 3-4 times.  Waiting, waiting, waiting for 6:00 to come.  I wondered why I was doing this alone.  But Rod needed his rest.  Why didn’t I have my doula?  Because you thought you wouldn’t need her, Rod is your coach!  Conflicting thoughts whirled around in my head.  I knew I was strong.  I knew I could do this.  Finally, it was nearing 6:00am and I needed my team of support.

I texted Lindsey at 5:53am.  “I want this baby out!”  “What’s going on?  Have you slept at all?”  “Oh my gosh, these waves are so strong, but still 10 minutes apart.  Laid down all night to sleep in between (had waves anywhere from 8-20min all night.)  We are just getting up now.  Lots more blood, I’ve got to be getting somewhere!  We will get some breakfast and start to work with it.  We inflated the birth tub and it won’t hold air…the valve may be broken.  Hope you can bring another one when you come?   I was able to sleep between the contractions.”  “Did you do knee chest?”  “Yes, sure did.  Later had waves every 8-10.”  “I have another tub.  I think I should come over…Listen to baby…Give you a hug and see what’s going on.  An exam wouldn’t be a bad idea either.  And you know I barely do those.  Just to see what’s going on.”  “Ok, sounds good.”

I went in to wake Rod and let him know Lindsey was on her way.  I suggested we get some breakfast.  I made some raisin toast and forced myself to eat it.  Lindsey arrived with her student midwife Jessica at 7:15am.  It was so good to see them!  She listened to baby’s heartbeat and then, wasting no time, she did an internal exam to see what was happening.  Lindsey’s face lit up as she said, “Jen, you are 8 centimeters!  8-9!  Totally thinned out.  Baby’s head is right there.”  I was incredibly happy, of course!  As I lay on my back on the couch, I felt refreshed, rejuvenated, ready.  I was comfortable and calm.  My labor seemed to have stalled.  I wasn’t having any contractions.  I wanted to stay there, in that moment of calmness and peace.  I hadn’t felt this “normal” for hours!  Lindsey encouraged me to feel baby’s head and my own cervix.  I told her I had done so yesterday and almost declined this time, saying it was hard to reach.  Lindsey said that baby was probably much lower now.  I reached in and felt how much more open I was, how much I had progressed, feeling the smooth, soft bulge of the bag of waters.  Lindsey pressed my fingers deeper and I felt my baby’s head through the bag.  The baby was so close!

I knew what all of this meant.  If my waters broke, I would have my baby.  But how long would that take?  Should we wait?  When would the contractions pick up again?  Should I have Lindsey break my water?  That option sounded the best to me.  I got up and putsied around, waiting for the next contraction.  We discussed the option of breaking my water.  Thirty minutes went by.  Nothing.  This was madness!  Where was my labor?  I had to forget about it!  I had to get out of my head!  At 7:50am I messaged my birth photographer who had been on stand-by this whole time.  “So my dear!  I am 8-9cm, we are setting up the birth tub.  Lindsey may break my water and then we will have a baby quick.  Would you like to be on your way?”  “On my way!”

Lindsey and Jessica began setting up “the maternity ward.”  Melanie, the other student midwife, arrived soon after.  I took Rod’s hand and we went into the bedroom.  We shared a few moments of alone time, of our last time together before baby would arrive.  I was a little restless, not knowing what to do.  I wasn’t having waves, and was basking in the “pause” that I had been given.  A knock at the door and I knew it was Jessica the photographer.  I almost pranced to the door, flung it open, a huge smile on my face.  Jessica did a double take.  “What….?  You look amazing….!!”  We embraced in a big hug.  My hair and make-up looked virtually undisturbed from their application 24 hours prior.  I looked fresh, as though I had just finished getting ready to start my day.  I laughed at the paradox, as it had been anything but easy the last 24 hours!

Jessica got settled in, and I continued my aimless wandering, squatting here and there to see if it would make a difference.  Skylar woke up to the hullabaloo, and was so excited to hear that it may be time for the baby.  She said she had the perfect shirt to wear, her “Big Sister” t-shirt.  Yes, it was perfect.  Skylar was content to get her own breakfast and then she tucked herself in a corner with the iPad.  The midwives started giving me some herbs to see if the contractions would pick up.  I had my blood pressure taken and more checks on baby.  I was in my own world, happy, content, and peaceful.  I wasn’t in pain.  I wasn’t feeling anything.  I had one wave where I leaned over the couch, but it wasn’t as bad as previous ones.  What was going on?  I remember wanting to have the drunken feeling of labor land, what I had experienced with Skylar.  I felt too present.  Too aware.  Too …normal.  I looked around the room to see the circle of women who I chose to attend my birth.  Lindsey picked up on something and said she didn’t want me to feel like a watched pot.  The funny thing is, I wasn’t feeling that way.  But it snapped me out of wherever I was, and I just looked at Lindsey and said, “What can I do?”  Lindsey looked back and said, “You know what to do.”  Without hesitation, I asked, “Will you break my water?”  Lindsey asked if that’s what I wanted.  I said yes.  What else could I do?  I was more than happy to go for a walk, but Lindsey said for sure she wasn’t going to let me.  I certainly didn’t want to have a baby outside!  I knew I could just wait, but for how long?  I was ready.  I was ready to meet my baby.

I got settled back onto the couch and Melanie broke my water at 9:07am.  The warm flow of amniotic fluid flowing out of me felt so good, it was relaxing, soothing, and peaceful.  By that point, the new tub had been inflated and filled with warm water.  I couldn’t wait to get in.  I stepped in and sank down into the relaxing warmth, embracing the feeling of its caress.  I looked around.  Everything was so vibrant and colorful, the sun peaking through the partially closed blinds, the birth team observing but staying quiet.  I motioned Rod to come to me.  He took my hand as I leaned over the soft side walls of the birthing tub and we held each other during the stillness, the quiet, the wait.  I had a contraction and it wasn’t too bad.  I was expecting it to feel different.  Get out of your head!  Just let you body do what it is supposed to do.  I sank away from the side, floating in a sitting position in the middle of the pool.  Waiting.  Another contraction.  This was stronger.  I breathed.  I counted.  I breathed and  counted some more.  This one was longer, but I could do it.  I embraced the surge, welcoming its power and wishing it away all in one conflicting thought.  I returned to the edge of the pool, held Rod’s hand again.  I wanted Skylar.  She was walking by and I motioned for her.  I held her hand.  There they were.  My family.  My daughter and my boyfriend.  A wave of emotion ripped through me, rippling up from my belly, through my heart, encircling all of us.  I wept.  I tried to fight it, but surrendered, letting the tears come, holding Rod and burying my head in his arms.  This was finally happening.  The years I had wanted another baby, the years I had yearned to expand my family…the time was here.

As soon as the tears came, the tears went.  I was ready to get back to business.  I came back to the present, got into a squat, holding the side of the pool.  “Come on baby.”  “I’m ready to meet you.”  Another wave, stronger.  I didn’t like being in a squat.  It felt better to sit.  I floated back to the middle of the pool, my legs stretched out, relaxed, embracing the break in between the contractions.  I voiced my thoughts.  “It’s my stupid cervix.  Why won’t it melt away?”  Lindsey responded in her soothing voice, “No…..beautiful cervix.”  Yes, beautiful cervix.  Beautiful cervix.  Beautiful cervix.  Instinctively, I reached down.   My fingers entered my vagina and met my baby’s head.  Carpet?  What?  Carpet underwater?  Oh my gosh, my baby has hair!  My baby has a lot of hair!  “I feel her head!  It feels like carpet underwater!”  Everyone laughed.   What was that bubble?  What was the smooth bubble just inside my pubic bone?  My cervix….oh, there you are.  I rubbed the smooth lip of cervix that remained.  I told the midwives what I felt.  Yes, anterior lip of cervix.  Was there a problem?  Was it swollen?  These questions started to take hold in my thoughts  when Lindsey’s beautiful soothing voice startled me back to present.  “Quit midwifing yourself!”  It was said with love and it was true.  Time to get out of my head.  Let it go.  It is what it is.  This isn’t for me to be assessing and worrying about.  That’s what my birth team was for!  I let it go and returned to the work at hand.

The next contraction built up with the greatest strength and intensity I had yet to experience.  Breathe.  Relax.  Count.  This is temporary.  Embrace this.  This is what you want.  I struggled to get through it.  I leaned my head back, then bowed my head.  It took extreme discipline not to curl my toes and fight against it.  Finally, it was easing.  Ebbing away, I couldn’t wait to get to the break.  Finally.  It was over.  I opened my eyes and saw Jessica directly across from me on the other side of the pool.  She had gloves on.  I vaguely remember this, but didn’t wonder why.  Listening to my body, I returned to my  hands and knees.  I leaned over the edge of the birthing pool.  Jessica met me there.  She held me.  Lindsey was to my left, saying the sweetest words, her beautiful relaxing voice in my ear.  What was she saying?  I didn’t have a clue.  I couldn’t comprehend what she was saying, but I could hear her soothing voice.  I was safe.  Melanie and Skylar were to my right.  I had a contraction.  Oh, it was strong.  I felt Melanie’s hands press deeply into my low back.  Oh, heavenly relief!  It felt so good to have the counter pressure.  I didn’t even realize there was so much pressure in my back.  I wasn’t aware that Rod had been told by Lindsey to get in the pool and he was behind me.  The next contraction built with freight train strength.  It was happening.  I started to focus my breath, but its power took my breath away.  I gasped for air.  It was crashing down on me, my baby slipped through my cervix and instantly crowned.  I tried to raise my body away from it.  Oh, the pressure.  I couldn’t take it!  I grunted, my body pushing my baby down.  Lindsey’s voice telling me to sink lower, sink into it, not away.  I lowered my hips, feeling my baby’s head stretching me to bounds I didn’t know existed.  I can’t do this!  My head was a whirlwind.  The pain was incredible.  I don’t remember this with Skylar!  I could feel my pelvis …what I thought was cracking and splitting, my perineum was on fire, burning, stretching, the intensity…indescribable!  Contradicting thoughts, commands, feelings and emotions criss-crossed my brain.  I opened my eyes for a split second and saw Jessica’s arms embracing me.  I wanted to bury my head in her arms, I wanted to kiss her and bite down on her all at once from the intimacy and the pain.  How do some women have orgasmic births?  Enjoy this.  Embrace this.  Feel this.  I tried to slow it down.  I wanted to slow it down, but I couldn’t.  The contraction’s force birthed my baby’s head, but there was no relief.  The pressure and the intensity was breaking me.  All of a sudden, time stood still.  There was a pause.  Not in the pain, oh gosh no.

I was still on fire, feeling like I was dying.  “What’s happening?”  I finally mustered to ask.  Someone told me the baby’s head was out.  I heard voices… Rod saying that he had his hands lightly supporting the head, feeling how much hair the baby had.  Melanie’s voice saying the baby was rotating.  I was wondering what the holdup was….get this baby out!  I widened my hips to try to make more room, and lowered my body in the process.  I tried to push but nothing happened.  The searing pain making me feel like I was breaking further.  I pushed again.  Nothing.  I needed a contraction.  I heard Lindsey’s soothing voice cut through the chaos in my head.  “The baby is not stuck, I just want you to lean back.”  I felt Rod’s arms around me as I leaned backward against him, my pelvis opening up, my legs wide and relaxed in front of me.  The final contraction came crashing over me and I pushed.  The combined forces finally birthed my baby out of my body, instantaneously putting out the fire and the pain.  Four minutes of transition and pushing like the speed and force of a freight train …and my baby was finally here!  (Just a side note, I birthed my baby with a completely intact perineum!)

Someone caught my baby.  I don’t know who!  My baby was immediately placed into my arms and I held my baby, pressing my baby to my chest.  No one had said boy or girl!  Was our baby a boy or a girl?  I asked if anyone saw.  Did Skylar see?  Did Rod see?  No one saw!  I took in the pause.  I held my baby in my arms, my hands sliding over the thick, soft, velvety vernix.  It was as if I held a secret, which I did!  Time stood still.  Finally, I allowed my baby to be guided softly by my hands and lowered backward toward the water’s surface.   I looked at my beautiful daughter.  My daughter?  What!?  I have another girl?  “It’s a girl!”  Wow!  What a surprise!!  A beautiful, amazing, miraculous surprise.  Our daughter was here!  I turned to Rod, and the next thing I said was, “That means we aren’t done!”  Everyone laughed as I dropped my head into his embrace.  We kissed, we hugged, we loved.  We joyfully welcomed our daughter into our home, into our family, and into our hearts.


Welcome to the world, Kallysta Lynn!

8.0 pounds, 20.5 inches

Friday, May 13, 2016


You are so deeply loved.

The moment we met our baby!

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  1. Rená Koerner says
    May 21, 2016 at 11:01 PM

    Beautiful! Magical! Amazing! Enjoy this time mama... Congratulations!

  2. Sarah Evangelista says
    May 22, 2016 at 12:02 AM

    Great story, Jennifer! But I can't believe you didn't have a doula! Haha - You rocked it, Mama!

  3. Holly says
    May 23, 2016 at 6:56 AM

    So sweet. Good story! Congratulations!! You are amazing!

  4. Ynez says
    Aug 05, 2016 at 5:53 AM

    I Love this Story aunt jenny uys beautiful <3

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